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Imagine finally meeting the man of your dreams at 40.
Imagine wanting to start a family right away.
Imagine 10 IVFs with your own eggs.
Imagine 2 miscarriages
Imagine 6 IVFs with donor eggs.
Imagine 2 more miscarriages.
Imagine your Dutch family wanting you to quit.
Imagine his Israeli family desperate for grandchildren.

Perhaps not too difficult to imagine that you will answer an internet ad and write to a complete stranger in a far away country and ask her to carry your baby.

This is the true story of two women, Renee in Tel Aviv, Israel and Jennefer in rural Montana, who get to know each other by writing emails, slowly graduate to making phone calls and then finally meet. Their surrogacy attempts take them to Kiev, Israel, Holland and the United States and shows the contrasting lifestyles of both women as well as that of the Ukraine. It is sometimes very emotional as the pendulum swings between hope and desperation. However, all the organization, coordination, medication and disappointments do not make them lose their cool or their sense of humor.