Jerusalem Post

On November 21, I was featured in Jerusalem Post's Upfront "arrivals" section. The Jerusalem Post is the main English language paper in Israel, and read all over the world. One whole page about ME! I guess my unusual life story may yet interest the general public.

It's really a very nice article and makes sure to mention my grandfather, who was killed by the Nazis just before the end of the war, by name in the first paragraph.

It was a strange sensation when the journalist, who came to our house, looked like she could be a sister of Jen, our surrogate. Same ginger hair, same smile, same mannerisms, same charm. She managed to condense a two hour interview into this one page. Kudos to her.

And isn't the picture wonderful? It was taken by our waiter in a Spanish restaurant at the end of September. And it was a picture of the entire family, not just myself. The photo so captured us as we are now. Who would have thought this could happen four years ago. Oh yes, and parenting is VERY challenging. Little Ella hurt her foot badly on Wednesday at kindergarten and cannot walk at the moment. This for a girl who wants to run! The kindergarten teacher told us that she asked for Gal right after it happened. He's a lovely big brother (OK, 3 minutes, but who's counting).

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